Menichetti’s Director of Research and Development has given a lecture at the “MITA” academy, which is focused on fashion. Menichetti has been invited as an example of a company that promotes a sustainable supply chain and a circular economy.

We have chosen to emphasize that, actually, the concept of sustainability is a respnsibility attributed to an entire system and not to the individual elements that are part of it. Therefore, achieving sustainability requires a multi-scale systemic approach and a specific planning. Obviously, being active promoters of these issues, we have also focused on the principle of the circular economy, according to which the idea of “waste” is cancelled, promoting, instead, a reuse of waste that becomes raw material for the realization of a new product.

Not only economy, but also awareness, as the one tha should be applied to practices and choices in packaging. What does it mean? Engaging in practices that save resources and energy is good for the planet and for profits. There are many ways to reduce a company’s footprint. Rethinking the way products are packaged and the life cycle of disposable packaging products can reduce waste and costs. The use of more recyclable materials in the packaging process is a feasible first step to improve sustainability practices. All aspects of packaging shall be considered, including fully recyclable and non-toxic glue. If the glue cannot be recycled, neither can the packaging.