To be the company that will best satisfy the market, through innovation, flexibility, team-working and sustainability.


Menichetti aims to serve all customers, both large and small, with custom-made and quality solutions.


We strongly support human rights and truly believe in the right to equal employment opportunity. Therefore we are committed to protect the employments rights of candidates and qualified employees regardless of race, color, gender, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, identity/expression, disability of the single person and/or other protected categories pursuant to the applicable laws. Furthermore, given the attention to the well-being of the employees, Menichetti is committed to keeping a working environment safe and free from harassment.



As a company and as people we recognize the importance and the urgent need to protect the planet. We aim to reduce the environmental impact of our business through education, preservation, conservation, and waste reduction practices. Furthermore, our products are based on renewable raw materials, made of collagen making these 100% organic, thus nature-friendly products. The resulting product is a water-soluble completely biodegradable organic substance.
Furthermore, our stay tape is certified FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®), which ensures an industry that is respectful of the environment and benefits the lives of local people and workers, ensuring also economic viability.



We are very careful about the community in which we live and we acknowledge how important the value of solidarity is traditionally. Therefore, we are committed to supporting organizations in the community where we live and work by engaging in favour of philanthropic activities.


Given our choice of committing ourselves to improving the society in which we live, we have decided to operate within education, economic development and healthcare areas through local and international projects.

Feminine Child Schooling:
Movimento Shalom Onlus, Progetto 7 Gennaio

Our company, with a vision particularly careful to the female world, has decided to join the project “7 Gennaio”, which arises from the necessity in Burkina Faso to support child schooling, especially of girls, who, due to cultural legacies, are still discriminated compared to males. The project consists in the construction of a secondary school for girls in the city of Dorì, comprehensive of student residence and of accommodations for the teachers and the nuns.

Social solidarity:
La Calamita Onlus

La Calamita Onlus, a local association placed in Fucecchio, was created with the aim of giving life to a place of aggregation, exchange of ideas and socialization that involves every age group, from the smallest and adolescents to adults. A place open to all and without barriers. In particular we would also like to offer children a safe place to play, a special playground designed with great attention to those who have difficulties in walking, hearing or visual limitations, because nobody will feel different from others.

Fight against breast cancer:
Associazione Senologica Internazionale

The Association has the following aims:

/ Promote a culture of prevention with regard to female tumors.
/ Promote information services on existing prevention, treatment and rehabilitation pathways by promoting their humanization for breast cancer patients at the Multidisciplinary Senology Unit (UMS).
/ Promote dissemination, promotion and scientific training in the medical field.
/ Promote the dignity of each individual both nationally and internationally.
/ Understanding the needs of the UMS with the aim of improving the quality of services by volunteering in all the required forms.
/ Promote international solidarity in the health sector through the design and management of international cooperation programs in the medium and long term, envisaging collaboration with NGOs deemed suitable by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs